Have a business idea but no immediate bandwidth to build the tech?

  •  Difficult to find nascent or new tech resources?
  •  Too many tech projects eating up your time to focus on core business?
  •  Have tech requirements from business but no bandwidth to execute?
  •  Facing challenges in scaling up technology solutions
  •  Need to showcase a Q & D Prototype?


With VTO

  •  Focus on your business. Leave out the execution to us.
  •  Take it back when you have the bandwidth
  •  We deliver value it to you in the fastest and cheapest way possible!
  •  Wait – Did we say ‘cheap’?
  •  Yes – You saw it right. We do not wish to sugar-coat. Cheap does not mean erosion of value. Cheap means value for your time and money.
  •  We will get you to Done, Done, Done and Done.


  •  Meet the BOT – build-operate-transfer model allows for quick delivery, transparency and control during the process.
  •  The ownership of IP remains protected with enterprise.
  • VTO is your dedicated and focused technology team to simplify all your complex technology requirements and frees up your time to think on your core business.

VTO – the solution for Virtually Every Use Case in the Enterprise Technology Landscape

VTO offers coding power bundled with end to end services – project management, software development, delivery and maintenance to help businesses scale and grow. You can build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability using agile and frugal engineering practices.

We offer full array of services, from development of entirely new technical solutions to maintenance and refactoring. Agility and transparency enables quick response and setup allowing enterprises of all scale from start-ups to large businesses adapt quickly to changing business landscape. We have expertise over a wide range of latest technology platforms.

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Get Rubber on Road. Nothing else matters.Sounds like baloney.
It looked like that to us when we started this a year back!