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Creating the zing in passenger infotainment. Click here to know more on whole new wireless in-flight entertainment


Bumblebee –¬†Education, Entertainment and Enrichment for the Unconnected.

“A Picture is worth 1000 words. A Video is worth 1000 Pictures.” Bumblebee is an ultra-low cost learning platform to introduce best of the Video Content available in the Connected Internet world to the Unconnected World in areas of elementary, secondary and higher education.


Coder For Life

Whether you have zero experience in coding or zero experience in life while coding, this site will speak your language, if you are passionate about software. As long as you care about this vocation and find yourself having fun and, dare we say, satisfying we hope you will enjoy reading and contributing here.

Share your little wins and secrets with the larger audience

All engineers are artists at heart and this site hopes to keep the artist in you alive.


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