What is the Core Purpose of our Being ?

Draft One. Straight from the heart.

Quite frankly, after two decades of messing up on others behalf, we decided to mess up on our own behalf.

More seriously,

We would want to copy mercilessly the statement that we want to make a dent in the universe. If we say that we would be blatantly lying. However, we would be lying, if we say we do not want to make a dent in the universe.

We were part of the team that untiringly spearheaded a moment called 'Unwiring the Internet'  in the start of this decade and have been continuously working to 'Touch more than a Billion Lives' . We can safely pat our back saying 'We did pretty well' on those two counts.

Looking back, here is a word cloud of what we played some role in building


You might not have possibly heard about anything and that is fine,  but if you have used a mobile in your life , we would have played a role in anything that you used in the mobile as we were the backend folks who spend sleepless nights in ensuring your experience with everything on your mobile is great.

Out of the 60 odd products that we played a role, we would say around 8 were hugely successful in telecom operators and handset manufacturers across the globe and has lasted more than a decade touching people's lives still across geographies, and still gets stronger and stronger. If we what we built in year 2000, is still running in year 2016 in some form, then we think we should have got something right.

When we thought it was time to go back to the drawing board, we narrowed down on what we call as 'The Last Mile'. Somehow we felt that our mission of 'Unwiring the Internet' was still not complete and we felt focusing on the 'Last Mile' would complete our Journey of 'Unwiring the Internet' and help us continue  'Touching more than a Billion Lives' and that thought gave birth to two of our current ideas which has reached  stages of getting to production.


The number of passengers travelling is increasing on a daily basis in any modes of travel.  When we observe these travels are getting increasingly stressful and monotonous. We want to create the 'Zing in travel'  and put the future of infotainment in your hands when you travel.  This simple idea gave birth to Amuz. Take a quick look at Amuz here. We promise you infotainment on the 'Move' and we do not expect you to be connected to the Internet!. Do feel free to partner with us and take Amuz places.


Education is something close to our hearts. While the world is talking about flipping the classrooms and other related technologies, we want to ensure what is being experienced by the connected world is translated to some portions of the unconnected world as well. This simple idea gave birth to BumbleBee. Take a quick look at Bumblebee here. This is our 'Not for Profit' effort and we want to keep it that way. Do write to us to know more on what we can do here.

We are building a platform that not only caters to infotainment, education , but are also focusing on establishing last mile content distribution and delivery for all kinds of applications including your homes.  We shall be talking about them and launching them in iterations of two months over next six months.

We are a continuous work in progress and would be periodically updating our pages to reflect the progress we make. We would be shoddy most times, superlative sometimes and we beg you to bear with us. We want to have the attitude of 'startups for life' and shall prefer excellence over perfection as that choice will help us keep progressing in our journey.

Does this qualify to embark on making a dent in the universe ?

We never know unless we begin and after four months of debate and deliberation, we decided to start our second innings, an innings where we intend to continue the journey of 'Unwiring the Internet' and 'Touching more than a Billion Lives' and establish  'Largest Content Distribution and Delivery Networks' for 'The Last Mile' .

Kindly note that 'Unwiring the Internet' and 'Touching more than a Billion Lives' are not our trademarks and they belong to the companies that gave us the launch pad for helping us get here.

Incidentally both those belong to a single company now.  You can read more about them here.

Our roots precede this decade and we began our careers with another fabulous company which has spawned enough entrepreneurs. You can read more about them here.

We will break the suspense here. We are proud of our lineage with Integra, Jataayu, Bhartitelesoft, Comviva and Mahindra Comviva.

We would like to thank all these organizations, the mentors who have nurtured us in every step, the people who are here , the people who have moved out and charted out their own journeys.  They continue to be an eternal source of guidance and inspiration to us.

As we tread into unchartered waters of settling 'The Last Mile' challenge for ever and establishing the 'Largest Content Distribution and Delivery Networks', we would need all kinds of support to navigate this journey and that would not be possible without you.

Feel free to ping us at ping@openturf.in

Before posting this here , we were wondering that this statement of existence does not sound 'Professional', but we thought we will take a chance at being authentic.

Have fun.

Team OpenTurf